The Truth About Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise is a huge part of the Gene Smart Lifestyle. So why do we exercise? Most people think that we exercise to lose weight. We work out, burn calories and the pounds just melt away. It seems simple enough, right? The TRUTH is that there are many misconceptions when it comes to the benefits of exercise. While it is not impossible to lose weight with exercise alone, it is remarkably inefficient and that’s a BIG REASON why so many people give up on diet and exercise.


Think of it this way: To burn 100 calories, you’d have to bike at 5 miles per hour for 32 minutes, walk at 3 miles per hour for 23 minutes, swim slowly for 20 minutes, or engage in vigorous aerobic activity for 10 minutes. That’s a lot of work! Compare that to how easy it is to consume 100 calories…one cookie, a few fries or a small soft drink.

So Why Should We Exercise?

Here are a couple of really IMPORTANT reasons. While exercising may not take off the pounds quickly, a recent study by utilizing the Gene Smart principals shows that it is critical for taking off inches from your waist and hips. All folks in this study reduced calories (500-700 calories a day) and lost weight. But some exercised (as we recommend in the Gene Smart lifestyle) and others did not. Those who exercised lost 3-6 inches from their waist in 6 weeks, and those who didn’t only lost 1-2 inches. So we all want to lose weight, but most of us also want to get back those young, bathing suit bodies that we’ve lost. A combination of a well-designed Diet and Exercise Program (like Gene Smart) is the best way to accomplish both weight loss and beautiful, healthy bodies.

Importantly, we ALSO EXERCISE to REDUCE INFLAMMATION.  Inflammation is what causes so many diseases that hurt us and our families such heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, psoriasis and cancer, just to mention a few. Studies show that if you exercise regularly that you are MUCH less likely to have elevated levels of whole body inflammation.

What is an Ideal Exercise Plan to LOSE THOSE INCHES and REDUCE Inflammation?

Gene Smart has created a detailed exercise plan. BUT FIRST, check with your doctor and make sure you can safely carry out the Plan. THEN, an easy way to start is by getting your heart rate up to 50-75% of maximum for your age for at least 30 minutes, 5 times per week. We give specific instruction on how to calculate your maximal heart rate. While you may have to start by breaking your work out into intervals, you will gain endurance and strength over time. Once you get in shape, it’s time to “kick butt and take names.”

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