The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Borage Oil

March 10, 2015


In this week’s blog, you’ll discover the benefits of Borage Oil.

Benefits of Borage Oil

The key bioactive ingredient in Borage Oil is a fat known as GLA.

Scientists have completed a number of studies among patients with inflammatory conditions to evaluate the benefits of Borage Oil when taken together with Omega-3 Fish Oil. What they have discovered is remarkable.

While consuming too much omega-6 in general has been shown to increase inflammation, these studies have shown is that a particular omega-6 known as DGLA plays a vital role in the anti-inflammatory process.

You may be wondering, why the Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan recommends GLA from Borage Oil instead of DGLA? The reason is that DGLA is not available in significant quantities in our food supply or in dietary supplements. GLA, however, is available at effective levels through supplements, especially Borage Oil.

When we ingest GLA from Borage Oil, our inflammatory cells will take it up and rapidly convert it to DGLA. This leads to a natural – and very powerful – inhibitor of the enzymes that convert Arachidonic Acid to inflammatory messengers in our bodies.

Please note that you should not take GLA supplements unless you also get sufficient amounts of EPA omega-3 from high omega-3 fish or omega-3 fish oil supplements. Clinical trials show that Borage Oil taken alone can increase levels of arachidonic acid.  This effect is greatly reduced when GLA is taken in combination with EPA from fish oil.

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