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How to have more energy

She has reached that point in the day – at about 2:00 in the afternoon – her energy level hits the wall. She feels tired and physically sluggish, and she has trouble concentrating. This is a time when she is especially tempted to grab a sugary snack or make other unhealthy choices.

Sound familiar? In today’s blog you’ll learn about 5 healthy food tips that will give you the energy you need to beat the afternoon slump.


Healthy Foods that Give You Energy

Following the Gene Smart anti-inflammatory diet plan will help you get the right types of foods and exercise that give you lasting energy. How do we know?  Participants in our anti-inflammatory diet study reported having more energy, and being able to think more clearly throughout the day!

Fruits & vegetables and other whole foods that are rich in polyphenols and naturally high in fiber are terrific ways to achieve sustained energy. Lean protein can be another good source.  When we eat Fiber and protein, we feel satiated, and it does not lead to sharp rises and falls in our blood sugar levels which can give us an energy boost for a short while, but then leave us feeling drained and more tired than before.

Five Healthy Food Tips That Give You Energy

So, if you reach for a mid-afternoon snack, reach for a choice that contains fiber, polyphenols, or even some lean protein! And, avoid foods & drinks like sodas, cookies and candy that are high in sugar, high fructose corn syrup or highly refined flours that cause our blood sugars to spike for a little while, but leave us more tired and sluggish in the long run.

Here are five favorite snack ideas to kick-up your energy:

Slice up some vegetables – cut them up before you feel that afternoon energy lull so it is the most convenient choice when you are looking for something quick to eat.

Grab a whole fruit – apples, pears & grapes are nature’s perfect hand-to-mouth snacks, and sources of fiber and polyphenols for your anti-inflammatory eating plan. 

Try it frozen – Freeze applesauce (no sugar added) and grapes. By the time you reach snack time, your food will de-thaw and be perfectly cold.

How to have more energy in the afternoon

Trail mix – Try this easy & tasty blend that the whole family will love: Start with a few cups of Kashi Autumn Wheat or Special K Granola cereal. Throw in a cup of raisins, almonds, sunflower seeds and a handful of mini dark chocolate chips (at least 60% cocoa to get the polyphenols benefits). Store in an airtight container, and you’ll have a snack for several days this week.

Make it fun – Finger foods that require some “work”, such as edamame or pistachios, take more time to eat, which means you are more likely to eat slower, and fill up faster. These foods are fun for your kids as well, because this is one occasion where it’s okay to play with your food!

To Beat the Afternoon Slump, Pay Attention

In addition to choosing foods that give you energy, pay careful attention to your body’s rhythms. Try it for the next 3 days. Note when your physical and emotional energy is at its peak. And notice when your energy is at its lowest.  Write it down. Do you notice any themes? Any possible causes & effects?

You may notice that your body mistakes energy lulls with physical hunger.

Or, that your body confuses dehydration with hunger or lack of energy. Instead of reaching for a snack, your body may simply be signaling us to drink more water.

Being mindful can help us create a new awareness for how to have more energy in the afternoon.

Get Moving for more Energy!

Another way to have more energy is to get moving.  When your energy starts to wane, try taking a brisk walk. Or, find an activity to get your heart rate up so you are exercising to reduce inflammation. Choose activities that you enjoy  from our list of aerobic exercises. Your body may be telling you that you need to move! Exercising also make our brains feel more alert and energized!

How Do You Boost your Afternoon Energy?

What are your favorite, healthy ways for how to have more energy in the afternoon?  Share your tips & ideas with our anti-inflammatory living community on our Gene Smart Facebook page!

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