Anti-Inflammatory Diet Benefits

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We love to hear why people choose to follow our Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet plan.

Of course, a major benefit is the confidence that our healthy lifestyle approach to foods, nutrition and exercise will reduce inflammation, naturally.

But that’s only one benefit of our anti inflammatory diet.

In today’s blog, you’ll discover 5 anti-inflammatory diet benefits.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Benefits

#1 Proactively Manage an Inflammatory Condition

Anti-Inflammatory Diet BenefitsIndividuals are often referred to the Gene Smart anti-inflammatory diet plan because they are dealing with a health condition that is associated with chronic inflammation. The book The Gene Smart Diet lists a wide range of diseases and autoimmune disorders that have a proven inflammatory component. This list includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, certain cancers, COPD, Chrohn’s disease, diabetes, eczema, heart disease, psoriasis, stroke and ulcerative colitis.  Inflammation has been implicated in conditions including age-related cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and schizophrenia.

Following our science-based, anti-inflammatory lifestyle approach to eating, nutrition and exercise is a natural way to reduce inflammation and proactively manage conditions associated with inflammation.  This is one of the most common anti-inflammatory diet benefits.

#2 Weight Loss Benefits

Following our anti-inflammatory lifestyle is also a great way to lose weight! Those in our Anti-Inflammatory Diet Study lost 1½ to 2 pounds, ½-inch around their waists, and almost 0.5 percent of their body fat per week. These are averages, of course, but they’re pretty amazing. They reflect a pace of weight loss that’s healthy and safe.

What’s more, sticking with the Gene Smart plan wasn’t hard. Unlike conventional weight-loss diets, the majority of our study participants reported no hunger, no confusion, and no problems with compliance. They enjoyed their meals, and they felt full and satisfied after eating.  Impressively, 90% of our participants stayed on the program until the very end, and nearly 3/4 maintained their weight loss, or continued to lose, a full 10 weeks after we concluded the study, the last time we measured.

#3 Increased Energy

Anti Inflamatory Diet BenefitsThe typical Western diet is full of refined flours and sugary foods that spike our energy for just a little while, then leave us sluggish and devoid of energy for the long-run.  And it’s not just physical energy we’re talking about.  Diets that playing roller coaster with our blood sugar can also drain our emotional energy and keep us from thinking clearly (sometimes known as brain fog).

Our anti-inflammatory diet plan focuses on foods that are naturally high in polyphenols and rich in fiber, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans.  When we eat these types of naturally fiber rich foods, the benefit is sustained energy.  Lean protein, such as high omega-3 fish, is another source of lasting energy.  The net benefit of our anti-inflammatory diet is fewer sugar spikes & crashes, and more sustained and lasting energy throughout the day, physically and mentally.

#4 Prevent Chronic Diseases

Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Chronic DiseaseEarlier, we listed many chronic diseases that have been associated with inflammation. The Gene Smart plan is a proven way to reduce risk of chronic diseases.

The published study of our anti-inflammatory diet showed how the program reduced incidence of metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of biomarkers associated with risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The study results showed that the incidence of metabolic syndrome decreased from 44% to 24% of study participants by the end of the study, which is a dramatic drop in only 8 weeks!

5. Freedom to Enjoy Food

We often hear that people are simply tired of diets that constantly remind them of foods that are off-limits and that must be avoided. They don’t want to feel like they are sacrificing every time they take a bite of food.  Often, these types of restrictive diets are not sustainable, and the “dieters” end up quitting and feeling like they’ve failed.

One of the best things about the Gene Smart anti-inflammatory diet plan is that we emphasize foods to add to our diet, giving you the freedom to choose foods that you love.  Further, by eating and exercising the Gene Smart way, you’ll feel better and have more energy, giving you freedom to live every moment more fully.


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