Foods that Fight Inflammation

At Gene Smart, we believe in a healthy lifestyle approach to eating, nutrition and exercise that works with your genes to reduce inflammation, increase energy, and lose weight — giving you the freedom to live each moment more fully.

Unlike most “diets” that make you sacrifice by focusing on off-limit foods that you can’t enjoy, our approach emphasizes delicious natural foods to ADD to your diet to fight inflammation by replacing key nutrients missing in today’s foods.

Read on to learn more about these foods that fight inflammation.

Three Foods that Fight Inflammation

The Gene Smart anti-inflammatory diet plan emphasizes three types of foods that fight inflammation. These foods that fight inflammation are those high in polyphenols, omega-3 and fiber.


Foods that Fight Inflammation

Polyphenols are compounds made by plants to protect themselves, and they protect us too by working with our genes to reduce inflammation. Polyphenols are found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, spices, teas, 100% fruit juices, dark chocolate and even red wine. Typically fruits & vegetables with darker skins have higher polyphenols levels.

To get your polyphenols, we recommend eating at least five servings of fruits & vegetables a day, plus other high polyphenols foods like beans, green tea, and nuts. Use our polyphenol rich foods lists to discover which high polyphenols foods that you enjoy!


foods that fight inflammation salmon

Omega-3 fats, and in particular the omega-3 found in fish & fish oil known as EPA and DHA are another one of the foods that fight inflammation. We recommend consuming between 1,250mg and 1,500mg of EPA + DHA each day to support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Check out our list of fish high in omega-3. We realize that in America, most find it difficult to eat enough fish each day to achieve these levels. That’s why we offer a premium quality High Dose Omega-3 Fish Oil that is concentrated to deliver 1,200mg of EPA + DHA per serving, making it easy to achieve the recommended levels by taking just 2 soft gels each day.

In addition to increasing omega-3, reduce omega-6 in your diet by minimizing or replacing high omega-6 foods and ingredients with lower omega-6 alternatives.


Fiber is one of the foods that fight inflammation because it helps you lose weight by filling you up so that you feel less hungry. And research shows that body fat — especially belly-fat — is pro-inflammatory. Those in the Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet Study told us that fiber was their #1 weapon for weight loss, and they successfully lost weight without feeling hungry.

Increase your daily fiber consumption to 14 – 16 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed, or about 30 grams per day for a 2,000 calorie diet. As you increase fiber, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

To help you follow a high fiber diet, peruse the many natural options available on our high fiber foods list. You’ll find lots of great tasting, natural high fiber foods, so choose ones that you enjoy!

Supplement Your Foods that Fight Inflammation

Supplements are not a replacement for eating healthy foods; however, they are a valuable tool for getting the right types & levels of important bioactive nutrients that can be simply impractical to get each day from foods alone.

Supplements Foods that Fight InflammationAs mentioned earlier, Omega-3 falls into this category. Another is Borage Oil capsules, which is a source of GLA that works with Omega-3 to promote a healthy inflammatory response.*   GLA is not readily available in today’s food supply so to get the GLA benefits, it must be taken as a supplement.  A third, for those seeking to boost their polyphenols intake to ensure they get enough each day, is Pomegranate Green Tea Extract, a distinctive blend developed for its polyphenols content, and not merely anti-oxidant properties.

We offer these three Gene Smart Trio supplements in a convenient monthly delivery program to help you save time, money and never miss a dose.

Download Our Lists of Foods that Fight Inflammation

The lists of high polyphenols, omega-3, and fiber foods can all be found in our free Gene Smart Healthy Eating Guide.  You probably received a copy when you signed up for our newsletter, but if you wish to download and print another copy, simply click here.

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