4 Ways to Lose Weight without Hunger

Not only is the Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet designed to reduce inflammation, it is also a simple & proven lifestyle approach to eating that will help you lose weight…and keep it off!

In a study of our anti-inflammatory diet plan, participants on average lost more than 11 pounds in first 8-weeks. That’s a very effective and safe rate of weight loss. Ten weeks later, nearly ¾ had either maintained or continued to lose weight.

Moreover, nearly all reported that they lost weight without feeling hungry! 

1. Fiber

weight loss without hungerIn our Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet Study, fiber was the single most important factor in helping our participants lose weight.

The reason that nearly all participants reported that they lost weight without feeling hungry is because fiber helps keep you feeling fuller longer, and in turn, avoid excess calories.

Best of all, you can get your fiber from a variety of nature’s most delicious bounty, including fruits, vegetables and legumes. Check out our handy high fiber foods list for ideas of fiber rich foods to add to your dinner tonight!

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

anti inflammatory breakfast recipeDon’t skip breakfast thinking that you are cutting calories. Numerous studies show that eating breakfast is critical for successful weight loss. Eating breakfast helps you prevent hunger and over-eating later in the day. It also jump-starts your metabolism. When you follow the Gene Smart eating approach, breakfast is a perfect opportunity to start your day with lots of fiber and polyphenols!  Review our high polyphenols foods list for ideas of fruits, nuts and spices to add to tomorrow’s breakfast.

3. Use Smaller Plates

It’s not just at restaurants where we need to beware of super-sized portions. Using big plates at home can cause us to eat larger portion sizes too. Simply switching to smaller plates and bowls can make it easier to choose “normal” portion sizes, so that you eat enough, but not too much. The strategy is also helpful for those of us in the “clean plate club” who feel an obligaton to eat everything on our plate so that we don’t waste food.

4. Put your Fork Down…

…between bites, that is. This strategy will help you eat more slowly, and remind yourself to chew your food thoroughly. Not only will this mindful eating strategy help you eat less, but slowing down is also a wonderful way to truly savor & enjoy your foods and pay attention to the people around you.

More Resources

Visit the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan section of our website to learn more about principles for healthy natural anti-inflammatory foods and strategies to reduce calories.


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