5 Healthy Drinks for an Anti Inflammatory Diet


anti inflammatory articles, anti inflammatory diet, anti inflammation diet, gene smart blogWhether you’re enjoying the southern sunshine or stuck inside a midwestern snowstorm, it’s important to hydrate so that your body and mind can perform at optimum levels. Did you know…. when you’re thirsty, you have already reached a level of dehydration?

Dehydration can lead to lack of concentration, decreased energy, and headaches. Be sure to hydrate throughout the day to prevent thirst and dehydration. Drink plenty of water each and every day, and choose foods high in water content (such as watermelon, grapefruit, and fiber-filled avocado).

Looking for more ways to support your anti inflammatory diet? Check out these five fabulous drinks.

  1. Water – First and foremost, increase your water intake! As you increase your fiber intake on the Gene Smart Program, it’s important to increase your water intake as well. For a refreshing twist, slice cucumbers and add them to a picture of ice cold water. Keep the pitcher in the fridge for a cold drink throughout the day. Water is also delicious with sliced oranges, cantaloupe, limes, or berries.
  2. Mango-Orange Juice – Fresh squeezed orange-mango juice is a delicious polyphenol-filled drink that supports an anti inflammatory diet. Try making your own with an at home juicer. If you buy from the store – be sure it is 100% fruit juice – additives are often loaded with sugar and do not contain the polyphenols necessary for an anti inflammatory diet. (Tip: keep the pulp in your orange juice for maximum polyphenol benefits.)
  3. Green Tea – Green tea is one of the best things you can add to your anti inflammatory diet. It’s one of the highest sources of polyphenols available. In fact, we use it in our polyphenol supplement – Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract to help individuals make sure they’re getting enough polyphenols every day. (Tip: opt for decaf if you’re drinking it later in the day.)
  4. Anti Inflammatory Diet PolyphenolsGrape Juice – Grape juice is a classic, family friendly drink. Choose 100% red grape juice for a refreshing and polyphenol filled summer drink. Try it mixed with club soda for a tasty bubbly drink. (Bonus – you’ll save on calories!)
  5. Red Wine – Go ahead, live a little! Enjoy a glass of red wine with tonight’s dinner. It’s filled with heart healthy polyphenols.


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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

-Henry David Thoreau


Did you know that water takes up more than half of your body weight? Without water, your body cannot function properly. Your brain, heart, and organs all need water to keep your body strong and alive.

You lose water when you sweat, go to the bathroom, and even when you breathe! In hot summer temperatures, you lose even more water, which is why it is especially important to make sure that you are drinking enough water and fluids through the hot summer months.

Even slight dehydration can cause grogginess, lack of energy, and trouble concentrating. You can increase your energy, mental and physical alertness simply by making sure that you are drinking enough water each day!

As you increase your fiber, increase your water intake. As your increase your fiber consumption on the Gene Smart Diet, it is important to ensure that you are drinking enough water so that your body can properly digest the increased fiber.

Liven up your water. For a refreshing twist, slice cucumbers and add them to a picture of ice cold water. Keep the pitcher in the fridge for a cold drink throughout the day. Water is also delicious with sliced oranges, cantaloupe, limes, or berries.

Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. By carrying a bottle of water with you throughout the day, you are constantly reminded to hydrate. Instead of spending money buying water bottles, consider purchasing a reusable water bottle. They even sell water bottles with a filter inside, so if you don’t like tap water, you can fill up anywhere you go and still get filtered water!

Create a schedule. If you find you have trouble remembering to stay hydrated, create a schedule for yourself. For example, drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up, a glass after breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, and before bed.

Fill up with polyphenols. Besides water, there are many other ways to increase your water intake throughout the day. Try green or herbal tea and fruit or vegetable juices. Eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content, such as watermelon, tomatoes, and lettuce, or polyphenol filled kiwi and apples. Even broth can help you reach your daily goal, just be sure that it is low sodium.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your body is happy and hydrated, allowing your body and mind to work at optimum performance!

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