The Omega 6 You Shouldn’t Avoid


Anti Inflammatory Supplements Borage OilThe latest science tells us that keeping inflammation in balance may be one of the most important things we can do for our health. At Gene Smart, we pay a lot of attention to the fats known as omega-3s and omega-6s because they play such important roles in our body’s inflammatory process.

We often think of omega-3s as “the good guys” because of their anti-inflammatory properties; especially EPA & DHA which are the ones found in fish and fish oil supplements. And, omega-6s consumed at high levels (like the levels in the typical American diet) are often considered “the bad guys” because they tend to promote inflammation. That’s why the Gene Smart anti-inflammatory program recommends increasing your daily omega-3 intake while limiting consumption of omega-6s.

The Exception to the Rule

However, there is an exception to the guidance to limit omega-6s. That exception is a particular omega-6 known as GLA, or Gamma-linolenic acid. Studies from numerous labs show that when taken together, GLA from Borage Oil and EPA from Omega-3 fish oil work together to help the body maintain a healthy inflammatory balance.

The Role of Borage Oil

The omega-6 that plays a vital role in the anti-inflammatory process is actually one known as DGLA. You may be wondering, why is GLA recommended instead of DGLA? The reason for this is that DGLA is not available in significant quantities in our food supply or in dietary supplements. GLA, however, is available at effective levels through supplements, especially Borage Oil. When we ingest GLA, our inflammatory cells will take it up and rapidly convert it to DGLA. This leads to the natural – and very powerful – inhibitor of enzymes that convert Arachidonic Acid to inflammatory messengers.

Because GLA has largely been eliminated from our food supply, the only way to get it is from dietary supplements. The Gene Smart program recommends consuming at least 400 mg of GLA per day, which can be achieved by taking two Gene Smart Borage Oil soft gels.

Taking Your Supplements

Anti Inflammatory SupplementsAlways take your supplements, including Borage Oil, with your meals so they will digest properly to reap their full benefits. Also, do not take GLA supplements without also consuming EPA, either from oily fish or fish-oil supplements. Clinical trials show that Borage Oil taken alone can increase in blood levels of Arachadonic Acid, which would be pro-inflammatory.

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