Anti Inflammatory Supplements

In addition to choosing the right anti inflammatory diet foods and exercising in a particular way, taking certain supplements is vital part of the Gene Smart anti-inflammatory diet.

When possible, we recommend getting your health & energy promoting nutrition each day through the foods you eat. However, due to changes to our food supply and lifestyles, there are three supplements that we highly recommend as part of our anti-inflammatory diet. These products were developed in partnership with a respected new nutraceuticals product development firm. Taking these supplements each day will ensure that you are getting the right type and levels of specific nutrients, helping you reach your anti inflammatory diet goals.

Fish Oil

Anti Inflammatory Diet supplements omega 3

Most Americans simply cannot eat enough high-omega-3 fish each day. That’s why we developed a premium quality Omega-3 supplement, concentrated to deliver 1,200mg of EPA + DHA in a 2 soft-gel serving.

Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract

Anti Inflammatory Polyphenol Supplement

For those concerned about consistently getting the targeted levels of polyphenols every day, a high quality supplement, such as our Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract, will boost your polyphenol levels to support your anti inflammatory diet.


Anti Inflammatory Diet Supplements Borage Oil GLA

GLA is no longer available at high levels in our food supply.  That’s why we developed a premium quality, cold-pressed Borage Oil Supplement that delivers the 480mg of GLA each day in a 2 soft-gel serving.

Save time, money, & never miss a dose!

Many find it convenient to purchase our monthly supplement delivery program.  It’s our most popular item, and a great way to save money, time and never miss a dose.  Learn more.


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