Your Healthy Holiday Shopping Guide

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the leaves have fallen, the holiday music has started playing, and warm winter sweaters have come out of the closet, the season of sharing, caring, and giving is here. Whether you are looking for gifts for your family, friends, or for those in need, everyone will appreciate the gift of health. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to give the gift of health – for everyone from the marathon runner to the technology lover – that both your loved ones (and your wallet!) will appreciate:

Water Bottles: Reusable water bottles are available in all different sizes and colors.  They are a great way help you get more water into your day, and minimize sugary and calorie filled drinks. These make a great gift for students, those working in an office, or for anyone who likes to stay hydrated on the go!

Pretty Polyphenols: Create a powerful and pretty polyphenol gift basket – fill a gift basket with red crinkle paper, a bottle of red wine, a dark chocolate bar (at least 60% cocoa), a variety of delicious dark-skinned fruits & vegetables and a bottle of Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract, then wrap with red cellophane and tie with ribbon. Create your own card by cutting a heart out of red construction paper, and include the note, “From my heart to yours. Happy Holidays!”

Athletic gear: Know someone who is an exercise fanatic, or who is looking to start? Help them reach their goals with some fun gear. A pedometer, heart rate monitor, exercise clothes, wicking shirts, socks, and sweatshirts are all great ideas!

Health Starter Kit: Support your loved ones’ goals to live a healthier life by helping them get started. The Gene Smart  Starter Kit contains everything they need to get started on a path to healthier eating. Make it personal – write them a motivating message inside the Daily Journal – “I believe in you!”

Homemade – Homemade gifts are always sure to be a hit. Create a picture collage to become the cover for their daily journal, an “inspiration board” – buy a cork board and fill it with uplifting pictures and quotes, or make a CD with songs that remind of them or that you think they would like. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be a gift they will love!

Skip the sweets – (they will already be getting plenty!) and create a gift basket filled with delicious, good for you gifts (the foodies in your family will love this!). Fill with herbs, garlic infused olive oil, whole wheat pasta or other grains, hazelnuts, and green or herbal teas. Insert one of your favorite recipes that they can make using some of the ingredients in the basket.

Personalized health – Do you have someone your list that that loves cool new gadgets?  They can be the first among their friends to test their omega-3 levels using a convenient home blood test kit.  The test checks important measures associated with heart health and inflammation risk. Help them stick to their post holiday and New Year’s resolutions by enrolling them in the Add Omegas & Polyphenols Monthly Delivery Program – you can buy their first month as a gift!


Words of Wisdom

If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get. 

~Frank A. Clark



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