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Omega 6 Sources / High Omega 6 Foods List

Our nation’s food supply has changed dramatically in recent generations. Today, the typical American diet contains far too many rich omega 6 sources from foods high omega 6 foods, and too omega 3. This omega 6 to omega 3 imbalance is associated with increases in whole body inflammation since omega 6 fats tend to be pro-inflammatory while omega 3 are anti-inflammatory.

To reduce whole body inflammation, a principle of the Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet is to increase consumption of omega 3 fats while reducing high omega 6 foods in your diet.  You can do this by learning the top omega 6 sources from our inflammatory foods list and choosing fewer high omega 6 foods.

This strategy will increase your Omega 3 Index and reduce your Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio, both measures that you can check with our unique Omega 3 Home Blood Test Kit.

Know Omega 6 Sources & Limit High Omega 6 Foods in Your Diet

Along with increasing consumption of certain omega 3s by eating fish containing high levels of the omega 3s EPA and DHA, and consuming a premium quality omega 3 fish oil supplement; the best way to reduce your Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio is to use our inflammatory foods list to learn the leading omega 6 sources and limit high omega 6 foods from your daily diet.

As you limit foods made with rich omega 6 sources, replace them with low omega 6 foods. You can also tailor recipes by replacing high omega 6 food ingredients & oils with low omega 6 food alternatives.  Our convenient high omega 6 foods list provides important information about omega 6 sources, and is avaialble as part of our free healthy eating guide.

Omega 6 Sources

Omega-6 Fat 

(% of total fat)

Linoleic Acid 


Ratio of Omega-6
to Omega-3 Fats

High Omega 6 Foods: OILS


(Per Tablespoon)

Safflower Oil 75 10,149 77:1
Grapeseed Oil 70 9,470 947:1
Wheat Germ Oil 55 7,450 8:1
Corn Oil 54 7,280 46:1
Walnut Oil 53 7,190 5:1
Cottonseed Oil 52 7,020 234:1
Soybean Oil 51 6,940 8:1
Vegetable Oil 58 7,850 8:1
Sunflower Oil 66 5,410 180:1

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