BMI is over 30

Adjustment if your BMI is Over 30

If your BMI is over 30 then you should use an Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) and not your actual body weight in this calculator. This is because excess fat tissue is not as metabolically active as muscle and organ tissues in the rest of the body, so it uses significantly less calories.

The Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) calculation is different for men and women because they have different levels of lean tissue to fat tissue even when overweight. To do this calculation you need to find your Ideal Body Weight (IBW) in relation to your gender and height.

You can find that information here:

Then use your IBW to find your ABW: (Use weight in kilograms: Weight in pounds ÷ 2.2 = weight in kilograms)

For men: ABW = IBW + (.38 × (Actual weight – IBW))

For women: ABW = IBW + (.32 × (Actual weight – IBW))

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