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How Many Calories Per Day are Needed on an Anti Inflammatory Diet?

The Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program principle, Reduce calories per day, is the only efficient way to effectively lose weight. How many calories per day do you need?

If one of your goals is weight loss, reduce your targeted intake of calories per day by 20% to 30% of what is needed to maintain your current weight.  Knowing your calorie goal and measuring your progress is the key to successfully reducing calories per day and losing weight.  Use our calorie calculator to find out how many calories per day you need.

Weight Loss Math: Reduce Calories per Day vs. Increasing Exercise

How many calories
per day do you need?

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“Can’t I reach my weight loss goals by just exercising more, instead of reducing calores per day?”  For most, the answer is no.  

It’s not that you can’t lose weight by exercising.  You can. The weight loss equation boils down to burning more calories than you take in, and exercise is a way to burn day calories per day.

But, it’s a pretty inefficient system, and sets up a lot of people for failure.            

Think of it this way: to burn 100 calories, you’d have to bike at 5 miles per hour for 32 minutes, walk at 3 miles per hour for 23 minutes, swim slowly for 20 minutes, or engage in vigorous aerobic activity for 10 minutes. That’s a lot of work!

By comparison, it’s easy to consume 100 calories; you can do it in the blink of an eye. One cup of sweet tea or a cookie, and—calorically speaking—you might as well have skipped your bike ride altogether.

Please note that exercise is a critical component of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program, however its primary role is in reducing whole body inflammation and promoting healthy active aging by following a specific approach to exercise. For weight loss, its benefits are secondary to those of reducing every day calories

Our Reduce Calories Per Day Principle Has Powerful Allies

The great news with the Gene Smart Program is that fewer calories per day does not necessarily mean less food, or going hungry.  Each of the program’s proven diet & exercise principles provides strong allies, so you are not left to rely on your will power alone to defeat the powerful forces of your genes and our calorically excessive environment.

The single most important ally as you reduce calories per day is the principle Increase Fiber, but each of the other priniciples – add omegas, increase polyphenols, and exercise to reduce inflammation also play a role, and together will help you lose the weight you want without taxing your willpower and leaving you feeling hungry and deprived.

Reduce Calories Per Day – Adjusting Your  Goals

How can reducing calories per day help you reach anti inflammatory diet success? The Gene Smart Diet will kick-start your body’s adaptive stress response by reducing your calories per day intake by 20 to 30 percent for the first 3 weeks. Depending how much weight you need to lose, you may stay in this first phase for a bit longer. Many of our study participants were in this phase for the full 8 weeks.

When you’re ready, you’ll increase your every calories per day intake so that it’s just 10 to 20 percent below where you started with your calories per day intake. You’ll stay at this level for another 2 weeks—or longer, again depending on your starting weight.

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