Borage GLA Benefits

What is Borage Oil?

While many people are familiar with Omega-3 fish oil, many may also ask, “what is borage oil?” The health benefits of Borage GLA borage capsules are important for those seeking an anti inflammatory diet & lifestyle.  Gamma-linolenic acid, or GLA is a particular Omega 6 fatty acid found in Borage Oil. Studies show that when consumed with the Omega 3 EPA from fish or fish oil, Borage GLA benefits the process of promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

Borage GLA Benefits for Reducing Whole Body Inflammation

What is borage oil for? Can it help me?

GLA from Borage Oil is the only dietary supplement that is an essential component of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatatory Diet & Exercise Program.  That is, it can’t be gotten from foods in significant quantities.  Because GLA has largely been eliminated from our food supply, the only way to get GLA benefits is by getting it through a dietary supplement containing either GLA borage oil or evening-primrose oil. The Gene Smart Program recommends at least 450 milligrams of GLA each day from GLA borage capsules to achieve benefits for reducing whole body inflammation.

GLA Borage Capsules vs. GLA Evening Primrose Oil

GLA Borage CapsulesBorage Oil is the richest source of GLA, with concentrations of approximately 20 percent.  In contrast, the typical GLA concentration of Evening Primrose Oil is only 9 percent.  In the Gene Smart Program, for GLA benefits, we recommend GLA borage capsules over Evening Primrose Oil as it significantly reduces the number of soft gels necessary to consume the recommended daily levels to only 2 instead of 4 or 5.  When choosing GLA borage capsules, we recommend selecting one that contains at least 230 milligrams of GLA per gram of oil, and that has been cold press without use of hexane or other chemical solvents.

Learn more about the Gene Smart’s GLA Borage Capsules and Anti Inflammation Supplement Combination that includes both Omega 3 and GLA borage capsules.

Taking GLA Borage Capsules for GLA Benefits

For the health benefits of GLA borage capsules, be sure to take your GLA borage capsules with your meals. If you take your supplements between meals, they won’t be properly digested and you won’t reap the full GLA borage capsule benefits for promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

CAUTION: You should never take GLA borage capsules unless you also get sufficient amounts of EPA, either from fish or fish-oil supplements. Clinical trials show that borage oil taken alone causes a marked increase in blood levels of Arachadonic Acid which is a pro-inflammatory compound.  This effect is greatly reduced when GLA borage  capsules are taken in combination with EPA from fish or Omega 3 Supplements.

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