Stress and anxiety play an important role in your overall health. Learn about the signs and symptoms of stress and how to manage it to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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The Physical Benefits of Meditation

With the endless demands of modern life, most people can attest to feeling pulled in several different directions and, as a result, stressed and tense. This can have emotional and physical consequences—frustration,...

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The Health Benefits of Gardening

A few months ago I wrote about the hygiene hypothesis, which states that regular exposure to things we consider “dirty” (germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.) can help strengthen the immune system and protect...

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Caregivers: The Invisible Victims

For all the dollars that go into researching effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, there’s a huge subset of people deeply immersed in these communities that are often...


Adaptive Stress

Our Body’s Natural Adaptive Stress Response Each of us has access to a highly centralized biological system, regulated by our genes, that largely controls our susceptibility to disease and how rapidly we...