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The Gene Smart Diet
The Gene Smart Diet

The Gene Smart Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Book

Our genes were simply not designed for today's diets and lifestyles!

The Gene Smart Diet Anti Inflammatory Diet Book

In The Gene Smart Diet anti inflammatory diet book, you'll find a simple & proven anti inflammatory diet plan that works with your genes naturally to lose weight, increase energy, reduce inflammation and decrease risk of chronic disease, giving you the freedom to live each moment more fully.

Not Like Other Anti Inflammatory Diet Books

The Gene Smart Diet is different than other anti inflammatory diet books. Unlike most "diets" that focus on foods that are off-limits, The Gene Smart anti-inflammatory diet book emphasizes adding delicious natural foods to your diet that replace key nutrients missing in today's common foods.  Written by Dr. Ski Chilton, a pioneer in the study of inflammatory disease, genetics and nutrition, this anti inflammatory diet book explains five simple diet and exercise principles based on the latest science and designed to help us live healthier and longer.  

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The Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet Jumpstart Kit contains the Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet Book, plus everything you need to get started on an anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle.

The Gene Smart Diet Anti Inflammatory Diet Book

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Product Details: The Gene Smart Diet by Dr. Ski Chilton

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Book

Hardcover: 364 pages 

Publisher: Rodale Books; Illustrated Edition (June, 2009)

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Product Info
The Author

The Gene Smart Diet is an anti inflammatory diet book that is going to challenge all that you know about the relationship between genetics, weight gain, and disease risk.  In the process, it's going to change your health and your life for the better.  

True, your genes help determine how much you weigh, whether you're prone to certain diseases, even whether you live to a ripe old age.  But your genes are not an indelible blueprint.- far from it!  By following The Gene Smart Diet, you can help control which genes express themselves and in what way largely by what you're putting on your plate.

The Gene Smart Diet...

  • Features a proven healthy eating plan with five simple diet and exercise strategies that work with your genes to help you take charge of your health accelerate weight loss.
  • Emphasizes the foods that your genes recognize and your taste buds love. 
  • Features a complete and satisfying menu with every meal and snack developed to the Gene Smart guidelines.
  • Reduces the likelihood of certain chronic diseases, and can even slow the premature aging process itself.
  • Sets the course for lasting weight loss and optimum health.

Grounded in cutting edge science proven to produce results, The Gene Smart Diet is the anti inflammatory diet book you've been waiting for-and the last diet you'll ever need.

Dr. Ski Chilton, author of The Gene Smart Diet,  is a full professor of Physiology and Pharmacology, Director of the Center for Botanical Lipids & Inflammatory Disease Prevention, and Senior Associate Director for Research for the Program for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Dr. Chilton holds 32 issued and 17 pending patents and has authored or co- authored 115 scientific articles and book chapters. He has also written the books Inflammation Nation, Win the War Within and The Gene Smart Diet. He also co-authored the Christian weight loss program, Made to Crave Action Plan. Dr Chilton resides with his family in North Carolina.

Laura Tucker is a best-selling freelance writer whose books have covered a range of topics, including health and medicine.  She resides in Brooklyn, New York.

The Gene Smart Diet Anti-Inflammatory Diet Book.  The Revolutionary Eating Plan that Will Rewrite Your Genetic Destiny.

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