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What to Eat in 2012

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What to Eat in 2012

January 3, 2012

2012 is here, and with a new year comes the opportunity for new beginnings. Whether your new year’s resolution is to feel stronger, have more energy throughout the day, lose weight, or improve your overall health, we’re here to help you reach your goals. By following the five simple Gene Smart eating & exercise principles, you will feel great, and create positive & healthy habits that last.

How to Start – Thinking of making changes to your diet and lifestyle? Congratulations – you’ve already taken one step there! Keep up your motivation by enlisting the help of family and friends. Let others know that you’re going to start living a healthier lifestyle, and ask for their support. Or, even better, ask them to join you! You’re more likely to stick to your healthy living program if you have the support of loved ones to encourage you and keep you going when things get tough.

Eat Up!  Unlike typical ‘diets’ that leave you feeling deprived because they focus on the foods that are off limits, the Gene Smart principles emphasize the great tasting foods to add your meals.  These foods provide natural, health-promoting bioactives that work with your genes, especially the genes that control inflammation. Focus on the following principles, which will help you reduce inflammation, and reach your goal of attaining a healthier and more abundant lifestyle. 

1. Increase Polyphenols – Among their many benefits, polyphenols promote heart health and help regulate metabolism. Increase your polyphenols by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking green teas, and choosing 100% fruit juices.  For a list of high polyphenols food, click here.

We believe that the best source of polyphenols is food, but for many, taking a high quality extract sourced from polyphenols-rich foods can help ensure that you are getting enough each day.   We designed the Gene Smart Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract for this purpose.

2. Add Omegas – Studies have shown that your Omega-3 Index is a better predictor of heart disease than cholesterol. Individuals with a low Omega 3 Index were up to ten times more likely to die from a sudden heart attack compared to those with a high Omega 3 Index. Furthermore, Omega-3s naturally reduce inflammation, especially when combined with the GLA found in Borage Oil.

We recommend consuming 1,250 – 1,500 mg of combined EPA and DHA omega-3s per day by eating high omega-3 fish and taking the Gene Smart Omega 3 fish oil supplement.  Why a supplement?  Most American’s find it difficult to consistently eat enough fish each day to achieve these levels.  

We also recommend getting at least 400mg of GLA daily by taking the Gene Smart Borage Oil Supplement.

3. Increase Fiber – In the Gene Smart Diet Study, fiber was the single most important factor in helping our participants lose weight by keeping them feeling fuller longer. If you don’t eat very much fiber now, we recommend slowly introducing fiber into your diet. By increasing your fiber slowly, you can help reduce the unpleasant side effects that can come from increasing your fiber too quickly. As you add fiber, be sure to drink plenty of water.  Check out our list of high fiber foods.

Looking for more motivation? Check out success stories from real people who have reached their healthy living goals and continue to live a healthier, more abundant lifestyle.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards living a healthier, more abundant life. Keep us updated on your journey – we’d love to hear about your success! And remember, if you find yourself in a rut, feel free to reach out to us – we’re here for support every step of the way!


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"The power of your thoughts can open any door and you can set yourself free."
-Lucy MacDonald

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