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Dr. Chilton

Dr. Floyd Chilton ("Ski") - Bio

Dr. Chilton: A Pioneer in the Study of Inflammatory Disease

(Ski) Floyd Chilton, PhD is a full professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at Wake Forest University.  Dr. Chilton heads a major Research Center sponsored by the National Institutes of Health established to study the relationship between omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids, genetics, and inflammatory disease.  The Center for Botanical Lipids and Inflammatory Disease Prevention at Wake Forest Baptist Health ( is a collaboration between Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Wake Forest and University of Colorado.  Dr. Chilton is also Senior Associate Director for Research for the Program for Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Chilton holds 32 issued and 17 pending patents and has authored or co-authored 120 scientific articles and book chapters.  Dr. Floyd Chilton has also written several eating healthy books promoting an science-based anti-inflammatory diet plan, including Inflammation Nation, Win the War Within (Chilton Diet), and The Gene Smart Diet.  Recently, Dr. Ski Chilton co-authored the Christian nutrition program Made to Crave Action Plan with NY Times Best selling author, Lysa Terkeurst.  Dr. Chilton resides with his family in North Carolina.

Dr. Floyd Chilton Discusses His Callings

Thank you for your interest in personal wellness and eating healthy.  I believe I have two incredibly important callings in my life.  The first is to empower individuals in America and other developed countries to live more fully by adopting health promoting strategies based on the latest scientific discoveries, including revolutionary new understandings of how diet and exercise work with our genes to improve health and prevent disease, especially diseases associated with whole body inflammation.  My second calling is for the Orphans in Africa.  In my book, The Gene Smart Diet, I pledged that I will spend the rest of his life bringing the latest first world science to relieve the suffering of Orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa.  "I am incredibly blessed to be able to pursue these callings, and I whole heartedly invite you to join me".

Dr. Chilton: New Frontiers of Inflammation, Genetics & Health

Dr. Ski Chilton's research for the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet enabled him to begin to understand, for the first time, why our nation is suffering from an epidemic of inflammatory disease. Clearly, the standard American diet and lifestyle is making us very sick. It also helped Dr. Chilton to understand that science has provided the beginning of a strategy to reverse that epidemic—one that utilizes the most elegant solution possible: the body’s own adaptive response system.

These are early days for this science; we’re right on the edge of an extremely personalized era in nutrition and medicine. Dr. Chilton will be first in line to know precisely which foods he should choose and avoid, given the specific information encoded in his personal genome. But we don’t have to wait for the science to advance in order to have a dramatic, life-changing, life-extending impact on our health.

We now know some of the ways that we can control the master health regulators that control wide swaths of genes determining whether we stay well or get ill, whether we grow old before our time or defy the clock. The levers we use to control the master regulators of our genes are the bioactives in our foods and exercise.  Both things that we can control.


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