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The Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti Inflammatory Diet - What's New

Swap This for That- Tips For Healthy Routines  10/23/14


Eating Healthy

We all have our daily routines.  For example, we might wake up the same time every day, grab a cup of coffee and read the morning paper, before heading out  for the day. Creating the right routines is a great way to stick to healthy habits.   Today’s article discusses ideas for small changes you can make to your daily routine that can make a dramatic impact on your energy, your health, and your overall well-being. Can you incorporate a few of these ideas into your daily rituals?


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Scientifically Proven: Why The Gene Smart Diet Works  10/09/14


Eating Healthy

It seems like fad diets are everywhere.  Promoted on late night infomercials, multi-level marketing schemes, internet advertising and elsewhere, fad diet dangers start with the promise of easy miracle solutions to lose weight. The problem with these fad diets is that they do not address the problems that caused you to gain weight in the first place. If you don't learn about sustainable diet strategies, the right types of exercise, and how to build an effective support system, you will quickly gain the weight back you lost, and perhaps more, when you return to old lifestyle habits. Fad diets don’t work. Gene Smart does. Keep reading to learn more about our scientifically proven program.


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Our Recent Anti-Inflammatory Diet Blog Posts  10/08/14

All Fish Are Not Created Equal

Eating Heathly On-The-Go

The Ultimate Weight Loss Weapon

Why Does Inflammation Lead to Disease?

10 Tips to Jump Start Your Health


The Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet Plan  09/02/14
Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Freedom to Live Each Moment

Unlike most "diets" that focus on off-limit foods, we emphasize adding delicious natural foods to your diet that replace key nutrients missing in today's foods.

We believe in a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet lifestyle approach to eating, nutrition & exercise that works with your genes to lose weight, increase energy & reduce inflammation, giving you the freedom to live each moment more fully.

Learn about our Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan developed by Dr. Ski Chilton, a pioneer in the study of inflammatory disease and author of Inflammation Nation and The Gene Smart Diet.

Anti Inflammatory Diet


Three Beneficial Supplements

Anti Inflammatory Diet Nutrition

Supplements are not a replacement for eating healthy foods; however, they are a valuable tool for getting the right types & levels of important bioactive nutrients that are simply impractical to get each day from foods alone. 

 Based on his extensive research, Dr. Chilton recommends three anti-inflammatory nutrition supplements to support your anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle. 

Save time, money & never miss a dose with our convenient Gene Smart Trio monthly delivery program.

Omega-3 Testing

Dr Oz Omega-3 Test l Anti-Inflammatory DietStudies have shown the Omega-3 Index to be a better predictor of heart disease risk than cholesterol!

We offer a unique Omega-3 Test so you can check your omega-3 blood levels. The results from your Home Blood Testing Kit can help you personalize your Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan and let you know if you are on track. 

 Dr. Oz used our Omega-3 Test for his show! Watch the video clip.

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Anti Inflammatory Diet Healthy Eating Guide

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Guide to Healthy Eating l Anti Inflammatory Diet Guide

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The Gene Smart Trio Monthly Delivery SAVE 20%!
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Anti-Inflammation Diet Starter Kit
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Omega 3 Home Blood Testing Kit
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