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The Gene Smart Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti Inflammatory Diet - What's New

The Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet Plan  05/29/15

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Freedom to Live Each Moment

Unlike most "diets" that focus on off-limit foods, we emphasize adding delicious natural foods to your diet that replace key nutrients missing in today's foods.

We believe in a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet lifestyle approach to eating, nutrition & exercise that works with your genes to lose weight, increase energy & reduce inflammation, giving you the freedom to live each moment more fully.

Learn about our Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan developed by Dr. Ski Chilton, a pioneer in the study of inflammatory disease and author of Inflammation Nation and The Gene Smart Diet.

Anti Inflammatory Diet


Three Beneficial Supplements

Anti Inflammatory Diet Nutrition

Supplements are not a replacement for eating healthy foods; however, they are a valuable tool for getting the right types & levels of important bioactive nutrients that are simply impractical to get each day from foods alone. 

 Based on his extensive research, Dr. Chilton recommends three anti-inflammatory nutrition supplements to support your anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle. 

Save time, money & never miss a dose with our convenient Gene Smart Trio monthly delivery program.

Omega-3 Testing

Dr Oz Omega-3 Test l Anti-Inflammatory DietStudies have shown the Omega-3 Index to be a better predictor of heart disease risk than cholesterol!

We offer a unique Omega-3 Test so you can check your omega-3 blood levels. The results from your Home Blood Testing Kit can help you personalize your Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan and let you know if you are on track. 

 Dr. Oz used our Omega-3 Test for his show! Watch the video clip.

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Guide to Healthy Eating l Anti Inflammatory Diet Guide

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The Gene Smart Trio Monthly Delivery SAVE 20%!
The Gene Smart Trio Monthly Delivery SAVE 20%!
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Anti-Inflammation Diet Starter Kit
Anti-Inflammation Diet Starter Kit
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Omega 3 Home Blood Testing Kit
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Omega 3 Fish Oil
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