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Amino Acid Shows Great Promise for ED

Remember back to the late 1990s when former politician Bob Dole took our country (and airwaves) by total surprise when he promoted a little-known (at that time) drug […]

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Low-Fat Diets are Ineffective Long Term

I find it interesting and really sad how certain dietary […]

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Embrace the Equation

Honestly, for most of us, losing weight is like taking […]

journal, salad, and tape measure

Journaling Increases Weight Loss Success

If I asked you to tell me everything you ate […]

  • Omega 3 Sources: High Omega 3 Fish

    A principle of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program is to Add Omegas, which includes consuming 1,250 [...]

    All Fish Are NOT Created Equal

    How much Omega-3 is in Tilapia?  What types of fish contain the most omega-3? Download our free Healthy Eating Guide to [...]

    Healthiest Cooking Oils

    The healthiest cooking oils are part of an anti-inflammatory diet. The typical Western diet includes far too much Omega-6 and [...]

  • Inflammation and Your Health

    Inflammation is the number one cause of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and more. Dr. Chilton explains the 4 simple steps you [...]

    Anti Inflammatory Exercise

    The Exercise and Body Inflammation Relationship Gene Smart makes the connection between anti inflammaory exercise and whole body inflammation.  On the Gene [...]

    How to Reduce Inflammation

    When it comes to inflammation, our modern day food system is working against us. Dr. Chilton first pioneered America’s awareness [...]

  • High Polyphenols Foods

    Know Your High Polyphenol Foods & Polyphenol Sources A principle of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program [...]

    Health Benefits of Polyphenols

    The latest research on the health benefits of polyphenol-rich foods like pomegranate and green tea from world-class scientist Dr. Ski [...]

    Remarkable Raspberries

    Remarkable Raspberries Increasing polyphenols & adding fiber are two of the Gene Smart principles that will help you lose weight [...]


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