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How to Choose Cooking Oil

Remember when you could go to the grocery store to buy cooking oil and only had to decide between two or three types? Today, the options are endless. […]

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Secrets of the Gene Smart Diet

Over the past several decades, dozens of diet trends and […]

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The Secrets to Healthy Restaurant Dining

If you’re concerned about healthy eating and keeping your weight […]

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A Hidden Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

When you think ahead to your senior years, you likely […]

  • Omega 3 Sources: High Omega 3 Fish

    A principle of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program is to Add Omegas, which includes consuming 1,250 [...]

    All Fish Are NOT Created Equal

    How much Omega-3 is in Tilapia?  What types of fish contain the most omega-3? Download our free Healthy Eating Guide to [...]

    What is the Best Omega-3 Supplement

    January 20, 2015 Dr. Ski Chilton has been studying the biochemistry and health benefits of omega-3 fats for over 30 [...]

  • Inflammation and Your Health

    Inflammation is the number one cause of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and more. Dr. Chilton explains the 4 simple steps you [...]

    How to Reduce Inflammation

    When it comes to inflammation, our modern day food system is working against us. Dr. Chilton first pioneered America’s awareness [...]

    Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Local Produce

    One of our favorite summer activities is going to farmer's markets. We love everything about them...sunshine & fresh air, chatting [...]

  • High Polyphenols Foods

    Know Your High Polyphenol Foods & Polyphenol Sources A principle of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program [...]

    Health Benefits of Polyphenols

    The latest research on the health benefits of polyphenol-rich foods like pomegranate and green tea from world-class scientist Dr. Ski [...]

    Remarkable Raspberries

    Remarkable Raspberries Increasing polyphenols & adding fiber are two of the Gene Smart principles that will help you lose weight [...]


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